What kind of material do you use?

All the items are made of the best quality Brass or 925 Sterling Silver and plated with an 18K gold layer. All the items are 100% nickel free. Given that, some of our vendors DO use nickel on other non-Rebelle projects. If you ordered a pair but your skin reacts to it, please contact the Customer Support Team.

How do I take care of my items?

As hard as it may be to be apart with your Rebelle jewelry, to preserve the function of your precious pieces, please take them off before you take a shower, go swimming, or go to sleep. Also, the usage of perfume, oils and lotions on the jewelry can affect the silver material or gold layer. 

NB! This is and remains a layer and can wear out over time.

This item is made of the best quality Brass or 925 Sterling Silver and plated with an 1-18K gold layer.

How will I know when an item is back in stock?

We are so sorry the items you have been looking for are sold out! Please leave your email address in the bar next to the picture of the item and we will notify you when the item is back in stock. You can also contact the Customer Support Team so we can help you find another beautiful piece.

Do I buy the earrings per piece or as a set?

Next to the picture of each item we mention whether an item is sold per piece or as a set. 

Can I have the size of an item adjusted?

No, unfortunately it’s not possible to adjust the size of a ring. The rings are made in four (US) sizes: 5, 6, 7 and 8. There are also rings available which you can adjust the size yourself. You can find our size guide above the button 'add to cart' on the page of your favorite ring.