Who is Rebelle Amsterdam?

Rebelle Amsterdam is all about celebrating every look, every mood, every you!

The new generation sees few obstacles when it comes to being themselves. More and more is being learned and seen that you can walk your own path, choose your own life. A woman can set her own goals and why should she let herself be stopped? There is so much to see, reach and do.

It doesn't matter if you want to dance the night away in high heels with a pearl necklace or walk the streets in jeans, sneakers and an oversized hoodie to match your colorful golden hoops. All you have to wear is your confidence, we'll finish it for you!

At Rebelle Amsterdam we have items for every time and every mood. All items are made of high quality (gold plated) 925 sterling silver. Rebelle Amsterdam gives you the inspiration and freedom to express yourself.


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Where to visit us

Vondelstraat 35, 1054 GJ Amsterdam