Celebrating every you

About Rebelle

The new generation sees few obstacles when it comes to being themselves. More and more is being learned and seen that you can walk your own path, choose your own life. A woman can set her own goals, why should she let herself be stopped? There is so much to see, achieve and do. She should celebrate her best self.

Rebelle Amsterdam is all about celebrating every look, every mood, every you. Be your best version. Whether you want to dance the night away in high heels or walk down the street in jeans and sneakers. The only thing you need to wear is your confidence, we’ll finish it for you! 

At Rebelle Amsterdam, we have items for every time and mood. All the items are made from high quality (gold plated) 925 sterling silver or Brass. Rebelle Amsterdam gives you the inspiration and freedom to express yourself. 

About Gijsje

Since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in fashion and jewelry. Dress the way you feel are the words I live by. I like to express myself in clothing, jewelry and other accessories. After graduating, I started working in the jewelry industry, which I loved. But, I’ve always wanted to start a business of my own. A dream that is now coming true.

For me the most important thing while building this brand is that it is something that I stand for, which is women empowerment. I think women are still too often constrained by society, by what they do, who they are, what they wear. I believe the way women feel is reflected in the energy they radiate to their surroundings. I want them to feel confident in what they wear and who they are. By being or doing one, you don't have to exclude the other. That’s the power of duality, the Rebel and the Belle coming together. 

You can be anyone you want, celebrating every you!

Love, Gijsje