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The Perfect Tennis Necklace RainbowThe Perfect Tennis Necklace Rainbow
The Signature CollierThe Signature Collier
The Signature Collier
Sale price€35,00
Yin Yang Pendant NecklaceYin Yang Pendant Necklace
Yin Yang Pendant Necklace
Sale price€35,00
Shine Your Light NecklaceShine Your Light Necklace
Shine Your Light Necklace
Sale price€35,00
The Perfect Pearl NecklaceThe Perfect Pearl Necklace
The Perfect Pearl Necklace
Sale price€44,95
saleSave €6,99
Connecting Circles NecklaceConnecting Circles Necklace
Connecting Circles Necklace
Sale price€27,96 Regular price€34,95
saleSave €6,50
Oval Chain NecklaceOval Chain Necklace
Oval Chain Necklace
Sale price€26,00 Regular price€32,50
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Gold plated necklace

Are you looking for a gold plated necklace for women for every occasion? At Rebelle Amsterdam we have the most beautiful collection of gold plated necklaces that suit every style and every version of you. The new generation sees few obstacles when it comes to being yourself. You too walk your own path and choose your own life. As a woman, you set your own goals and don't let anyone stop you. Even when it comes to choosing your style. One day you make yourself strong as a boss babe and achieve your goals, the next day you let yourself go on the dance floor and you feel like a woman. You have the freedom of what you want to convey to the outside world.

At Rebelle Amsterdam, we don't think otherwise. This is all about celebrating every look, every mood, every you. Be the best version of yourself. We don't care if you want to dance the night away in high heels with a gold plated snake chain necklace around your neck or walk the streets in jeans, sneakers and an oversized hoodie to match your gold plated tennis necklace. All you have to wear is your confidence, we'll just finish it! That is why we ensure that we have the most beautiful gold plated necklaces in the collection every season for every time and every mood.

Rebelle Amsterdam gives you the inspiration and freedom to express yourself.

What is gold plated?
In short, gold plated means a piece of jewelry made of metal with a layer of liquid gold on top. As it were, the earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are dipped in gold. This way you wear the most beautiful jewelry made of gold, but a lot cheaper. All our items are made of high quality (gold plated) 925 sterling silver.

About the collection
We offer a wide range of gold plated chains. For example our round snake necklace, the very popular gold plated tennis necklace and the perfect pearl necklace. Do you want to know more about the origin of the tennis necklace? Read it in our blog!